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Stomach, Bowel & Bladder

Help to ease common stomach, bowel and bladder complaints with our comprehensive range of natural supplements.


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  • Bladder Control Formula

    Bladder Control Formula

    Take back control of your bladder with Amino Acids & Herbal Extracts. Containing effective levels of L-Arginine, Schizandra Chinensis, Passiflora...

    From £24.95

  • Ultimate Colon Cleanser

    Ultimate Colon Cleanser

    Keep your digestive system happy and healthy with Ultimate Colon Cleanser. The capsules contain 13 all natural nutrients, which break down the foods ...

    From £24.95

  • Cistanol


    Finally, a breakthrough discovery in the quest for the secret of youth, longevity and good health!

    From £24.95

  • Momalax


    Momalax combines 3 proven ingredients precisely tailored to support your gut health, Fig Extract, Prune Extract and Friendly Bacteria.

    From £24.95

  • Chlorella Max

    Chlorella Max

    Chlorella is packed with protein, vitamins, minerals and unique amino acids. Chlorella Max is suitable for anyone following a plant based lifesty...

    From £34.95

  • Inflamol


    Inflamol contains a potent extract of the Cats Claw plant in every tablet. Containing only sustainably sourced Cats Claw extract. The cutting edge pr...

    From £44.95

  • Bladder Support Patch

    Bladder Support Patch

    Bladder Support Patch is a carefully formulated natural blend. Containing Vitamin D, Saw Palmetto, Gosha-Jinki Gan, Soy Germ Extract and Pumpkin Seed ...

    From £49.99

  • Phyto Revital

    Phyto Revital

    A proprietary blend of botanical extracts, vitamins & minerals and glucosamine.

    From £44.95

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